Arthur Nicolle

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We all know and love the joy of discovering an amazing story through a book or a movie. You know, that very moment when you close a book after reading the last page, or when you leave the movie theatre and you just go: “wow”. And then, the only thing you can think about is how moved you were by the characters, the story, and the world that were imagined just for this one piece of artwork. Yeah, I’m sure you know which feeling I’m talking about.
I think the first time I really felt this in my guts was when…

Back on March 12th, 2020, Broadway theatres had to shut their doors as a result of the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic.
It struck every Broadway and theatre fan in New York, as well as around the world. Indeed, Broadway theatres hardly ever closed their doors in the past. With casts and crews putting on eight shows a week, only unexpected circumstances ended up canceling shows.
Before the pandemic induced shutdown of Broadway, the last one happened back on July 13th, 2019 due to a power outage, leaving only a few theatres with shows such as “Beetlejuice” or “Be More Chill”…

Arthur Nicolle

Masters student at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris. Aspiring Journalist. Animation, video games, Broadway and theme parks enthusiast. He/They pronouns.

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